Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life in Boston = No life.


causing or evoking pity, sympathetic sadness, sorrow, etc.; pitiful; pitiable: a pathetic letter; a pathetic sight.
miserably or contemptibly inadequate

So I'm finally in Boston. I've been here for a month, and I had a little higher expectations for it, I'm not gonna lie. I fully expected to be getting mildly tipsy at 10:35 PM on Thursday nights with a new group of good looking, humorous friends. Instead, I'm in polar bear print pajama pants, sitting here listening to a Glee song and blogging. If I start to feel crazy on the weekends, I may go to a movie alone or venture down the street and get a *venti* latte from Starbucks instead of a grande. I know, I know...I'm bold. I feel like this was what the ancient Greeks were talking about when they were defining the word "tragedy." I've never been amazing at making friends fast (it's been a lifelong process for the 2-4 that I have) but I FULLY EXPECTED TO HAVE SOMEONE BESIDES MYSELF TO TALK TO BY NOW. I sometimes go days without hearing my own voice, which I feel is not normal. I refuse to come home at Christmas and be the friend who went away to the best college and came back with no friends. And if that happens, I may take various and sundry pics around Boston and photoshop random Berklee people into the pictures. You call it creepy, I call it clever. Tomato to-mah-to. I've applied for jobs, been to different churches, tried striking up the random conversation with the person sitting next to me in class, and I've even stooped to the point of adding people that I may or may not have talked to but seen on the street. May or may not. My friends ask me if I've met any cool people, and when I say no, they say "Well go talk to people! Go make friends!" Oh ok. What a great idea. Why haven't I thought of that? LET ME GO STAND AT THE BUS STOP IN THE CONGREGATION OF HOMELESS PEOPLE WITH MY "WILL WORK FOR FRIENDS" SIGN.

The Berklee brochure should have prepared me for this.

Now aside from the whole social life fiasco, Berklee is actually BAD ASS. I feel like I have already grown so much as a musician and especially as an instrumentalist, and plan to stay here for the rest of my college years, which are hopefully socially fruitful.

On another subject, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING.

Over the years, I've been the go-to guy for advice, which I LOVE, because quite honestly, I give bad ass advice. How I know so much about everything, I'll never know. Some people are good looking, some people have numerous talents, and some people know everything. There aren't many of these people in our world, but luckily, I am one of them. And, lucky for you, you know me. Anyway, whether it is a boyfriend problem, a clothing problem, a parental problem, or which drink to get at Sonic (in my opinion, the biggest problem of our generation), they come to me. And I don't mind at all. WHAT KILLS ME IS WHEN YOU ASK AND THEN DON'T DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO. In our high school history classes, we learn not to repeat the mistakes of others so we can spare ourselves some trouble in our own lives. HELLO?!?!?! Learn from the mistakes of many others, which was not listening to me, and LISTEN TO ME. ESCUCHAME, if you aren't a native speaker of English. See, I even give advice in various languages. Anyway, I just feel that if you trust someone enough to ask their advice, then you need to trust their advice and trust that it will help your life out in a positive manner. What's even worse is when people act like they're going to take the advice, and then do the opposite. HELLO. I KNOW EVERYTHING. I WILL EVENTUALLY FIND OUT. AND DISOWN YOU. So at this point, I've decided to tell people to do the opposite of what I actually think they should do, and then they will actually do what should be done in the first place. If you're having trouble following, it's ok. I'm having trouble following myself.

I believe the above paragraph encompasses the major problem with today's world, and when it is rectified we will finally be at peace with each other. You're welcome, John Lennon; your dream of peace will finally be achieved when the dumbasses of the world (and my friend circle) decide to listen.