Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sometimes I talk to myself.

I was halfway done with a blog criticizing the life choices of a girl on Teen Mom 2 and the death of the Britney Spears' talent when I realized it wasn't funny and I deleted it. I'm not Perez Hilton, I can't put humor on the Internet for the 4 people that read this blog if it isn't high quality. Therefore, I'll just give a little life update. It probably won't be humorous, and I'm not sorry.

I have some semi-large decisions coming up. Do I want to stay in Boston this summer? Do I want to go home and work? Do I want to take classes this summer? Do I want to double major or just focus on business? I remember when I thought picking my college was such a huge decision. That was cute. Anyway, I have exactly 2 weeks to decide my life path. I'm doubling in Film Scoring and Music Business/Management. I've lost my interest in film scoring for the time being. I'm much more interested in the business aspect of the industry rather than the creative aspect at this point. I don't like writing music under pressure, so why would I make it my career? Your answer is you shouldn't. My answer is that the last piece I wrote under pressure was regarded as trash by my professor and then went on to be the audience favorite and get me some notoriety because it was actually wonderful. Also, I would hate to give up the connections I have built with a few film/tv producers (aspiring and established) around the country.

I had more to say, but I think I just talked myself out of dropping film scoring. Thanks for reading that last paragraph that is entirely pointless to your lives.

Anyway, I will most definitely be staying in Boston this summer. I will be taking classes. I will be gallivanting to New York whenever I can. And I will be enjoying myself.

My very best friend will be coming up in May with her mom (essentially my mom) and they will be staying for a week! I'm taking them to New York for a show, a studio tour, and to undoubtedly get lost. The rest of the time will be spent in Boston showing them what I see every day. Last time she came up, it was mid-December and this was what ensued.

I had a picture of her buried ass-deep in a pile of snow while I pointed and laughed, but I couldn't find it. Take a look at her blog. She's not as funny as me, but she tries.


I have a concert April 22nd here at Berklee. So if you are interested in French Impressionistic/Contemporary Chamber Music and want to spend your time listening to ~55 minutes of it, feel free to come. On that note, I haven't practiced some of the music in roughly 4 days. So maybe you should stay home.

Probably the most serious part of this blog was my shower experience today. I know, I know. Now you're picturing me in the shower and it will be hard to focus, but I need you to do so. I'm standing there, minding my own business, washing my hair and then my nose starts bleeding. Profusely. It continues to do so for 15 minutes. So I wait it out, ponder the implications, and when it stops I get out and text my friend Jordan, telling him I’m convinced I have a brain hemmhorage and I’ll be dead before next weekend. As I go to my desk to start on my will, he informs me that my nose is just dry and I’m not on my deathbed, I’m just being moderately overdramatic. This sounds like a reasonable diagnosis, and while I’m still not totally convinced that I don’t have bleeding in and around my brain, I’ll go with it. Thank God for people that paid attention during Biology in high school, and have common sense. I did/have neither. I’m still convinced I have a rare strain of swine flu incubating in my body because of a suspicious sneeze earlier today. More on that later.

On an end note, just a piece of advice. I’ve come to find that when you live alone, you tend to talk to yourself more than you would normally do so if you lived with other humans. I’ve also come to find out that it doesn’t stop when you go outside, and if you do it on the sidewalk, people will look at you and then rush inside where it’s safe. Need to work on that.


  1. That could possibly be one of the worst pictures of me ever but STILL A CLASSIC.

  2. you and Roberto are twins, he got a nose bleed in the shower the other day! what is it with you guys?? haha. yes, it is due to the dryness of these cruel winter months! also, whatever major you chose you'll be awesome at it, but i will tell you, as someone older, you'll never ever regret getting the MOST out of your education and college!! and omgah that professor was so brutal, but, hey we all start somewhere it makes us better AND actually it must be pretty amazing, if your peers noticed it? that is so cool :). i really really wish i could come to your concert AND come there with Fran and Gus!!!